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¿Cómo usted dice “Tinct” en español?*

October 17th, 2010

Wow! I was recently contacted by the folks at Hangar, a “visual arts production centre” in Barcelona, Spain. It turns out they’ve built their own Tincts from my original design, and have a whole wiki page filled with PCB designs, firmware, software, and ideas. (They call it an OcTinct: that’s a throwback to the original design, when I called the 4×4 version the “TiniTinct” and the 8×8 the “OcTinct.”) What’s more, they’re actively developing and maintaining the project, and they’ve even been holding workshops on it! (I wonder if I could get them to fly me over for one of them…)

¡Gran trabajo!*

* I don’t speak any Spanish, so this is all machine-translated.


§ 5 Responses to “¿Cómo usted dice “Tinct” en español?*”

  • Mudo says:

    Thanks to you Jonathan for your help and support!

  • Brandon says:

    Well– did you ever get to fly over there? =)

    • I’m afraid not! Unfortunately, nobody seems to have money to give away to open-source hardware hackers who want a European vacation!

      • Brandon says:

        Blasphemy!! Such is life I assume though. I numb up if I think about what you actually created, so I can not necessarily relate. However, misfortunes are universal and I sympathize.

        (Nothing new, think about what they took from the Mayans and other civilizations and claimed their own.)

      • I hardly think they “took” anything from me: I gave it to them (and everyone else), willingly. And I built on the work already done by others, too: that’s what open source is all about! I didn’t really expect to get anything out of it, and I’m not sorry that I didn’t. I’m just happy that others have found interest in my work. :)

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