Up, not North


I’d put together one of Adafruit’s Drawdio kits as a test run for an intro to soldering class, but I didn’t have a pencil handy to finish it off. I wanted to connect it to something, though, so I needed an object that had an insulating end and a conductive end. A plastic-handled knife fit the bill, and thus was born The Syntheslicer. (You can read the original blog post here.)

I never really considered it a “project” so much as a “joke,” so I was knocked off my chair when it showed up on Make’s “Best of Make: Online 2010 — Hacks” list. Frankly, I don’t think it deserves it — not by a longshot — but I am extremely flattered. I figured it behooved me to give it its own project page.

In my opinion, if there’s anything other makers can learn from this project, it’s that a nice photograph is worth the effort. I don’t think this would’ve gotten nearly as much attention if it hadn’t had a nice image to go with it. Still working on making decent videos, though.

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