Up, not North


This page exists because I can’t figure out how to make WordPress have a menu heading without an associated page, and I can’t be bothered to find out. The actual projects are all sub-items, and if they don’t show up on the menu to the left, you can click on the links below instead. As a consolation prize for ending up on this rather useless page, the projects have bonus descriptions next to them. So it’s not so useless, after all!
  • Automatypewriter, a typewriter that can type on its own, and knows what you’re typing on it, and plays text adventure games
  • Pac-Machina, a mechanical Pac-Man game (and its sub-project, The Pactuator, the actual mechanism to make Pac-Man chomp)
  • Syntheslicer, an electronic joke that turns a dinner knife into a shrill noisemaker based on what you’re eating
  • Tinct, a full-colour monome-like device that plays a version of Conway’s Game of Life