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Belated New Year’s Resolution: Engage More with the Maker Community

January 31st, 2014

I love the maker community, both online and off. I love reading about other people’s projects, and having them read about mine. Perhaps most of all, I love meeting people at Maker Faires and hackerspaces whose work I recognize, or who recognize mine. So when I read David Weinberger’s article about blogging (and Suw Charman-Anderson’s comment on it), it struck me that, despite the fact that I love it when people comment on and post about my projects, I rarely leave my feed reader to comment on other makers’ projects. It’s still (barely) January, so consider this a belated New Year’s resolution: I aim to bookmark and follow more individual makers, and to tweet about and comment on more projects.
This raises the question of where to find cool projects. The Make blog used to be my favourite source, but they seem to be focussing less on individual projects. My current favourite is the Adafruit blog, which has a great mix of engineering, art, and design. I also like Hack A Day, although its focus is firmly on the engineering side. While not specifically a maker blog, cool projects often show up on Boing Boing, too.
I know the regular readership of this blog is pretty tiny, but I’d still love to hear where you read about (and post about) cool projects, so feel free to add your two cents in the comments!

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